Our Country - Technology and Innovation

Taking Grade 4-5 Students on a Fast-Forward Trip to Canada’s Future!

Technological innovation is key to driving Canada’s economy. However, students don’t have enough opportunities to innovate and think creatively.

In JA’s Our Country - Technology and Innovation, elementary school students develop innovative, new ideas for business and society. They learn about Canada’s technological past and present, as well as share ideas that could become our next great innovation.

During this interactive classroom program students will:

  • •  Learn why change is needed for economic and social progress
  • •  Identify Canadian inventors and their inventions
  • •  Describe the impact Canadian inventions have had on international business
  • •  Explain why new technology displaces old technology and give examples
  • •  Learn why new technology tends to have higher market value than old technology
  • •  Describe changes in Canadian society and business as a result of innovation
  • •  Evaluate the usefulness of imaginary technologies

By the end of this program, students will have the confidence and ability to think creatively. This will inspire them to tackle new challenges and create Canada’s next great innovations.

For more information about Our Country - Technology and Innovation or to get involved, contact your local JA Canada office.