Dream Big

Motivating Grade 9-11 Students to Reach Their Greatest Potential

Having big dreams can help students perform better in school, land top jobs and become leaders in their communities.

However, many students don’t know how to achieve their dreams.

In JA’s Dream Big program, high-school students explore their personal potential and discover what it takes to make their dreams a reality. Volunteers from the local business community lead students in discussions and interactive exercises that teach them how to use their talents, overcome resistance, break through barriers and access the resources they need to make their dreams come true.

In this interactive classroom program students will:

  • •  Describe and share their dreams
  • •  Use visualization to see how their dreams can become reality
  • •  Learn how taking responsibility for their actions can help them reach their goals
  • •  Discover how mentors and role models can help them reach their goals
  • •  Improve communication skills such as active listening, giving feedback and self-disclosure
  • •  Learn how to overcome the obstacles that could prevent them from achieving their dreams

By the end of Dream Big, students will have prepared an action plan for achieving their goals. This inspires them to reach their highest potential and succeed in the global economy.

For more information about Dream Big or to get involved, contact your local JA Canada office.